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Survivor Speaks is back with another Civic Duty Education Night in efforts to cater to community mobilizing, bringing information to the communities that have been left out of the equation of decision making. But also to help awaken the community around the power of our collective voice, voting and our civic responsibilities, and unified efforts to bring about change. The Elbert Williams Voting Corner is a proud participant and will have a booth at the event on Tuesday, February 20, 2024 from 4

Brownsville's 2024 bicentennial will be celebrated with the theme "A Journey Through Our History – A Pathway to Progress". The town's history is shaped by African and European cultures, contributing to a bright future. African cultures have influenced art forms globally, including music genres. Prominent individuals from Brownsville have made national and international contributions. The community celebrates African beauty standards and showcases art like "Women of a New Tribe" by Jerry Taliaf

Below are 7 black-led organizations that focus on activities to increase voter registration, education, and engagement by focusing on the issues that affect underserved populations. Nicholas Buckingham, who is the Campaign Director and one of four founding members of Michigan Liberation says, “Those who are the closest to the problem are also closest to the solution, but farthest from resources and power.”

America has lost two of its most endeared trailblazers over the last few weeks, Betty White and Sidney Poitier. At ages 99 and 94, respectively, we weren’t ready for their transition. In fact, I was bummed that Betty White was not able to hold on for a few more weeks so that she could witness […]