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Our Speaking Services are designed to inspire, educate, and mobilize communities toward active participation in the democratic process. Founder Leslie McGraw delivers engaging presentations on a variety of topics related to voting rights, civic engagement, and social justice. 

Key Speaking Offerings:

  • Educational Talks:
    • Insightful presentations on the history and importance of voting rights.
    • Workshops to enhance civic literacy and empower individuals to navigate electoral processes.
  • Community Empowerment:
    • Motivational speeches aimed at empowering communities to exercise their right to vote.
    • Strategies for fostering collaboration and unity within diverse voter populations.
  • Legislation and Advocacy:
    • In-depth discussions on current voting-related legislation and advocacy efforts.
    • Guidance on how communities can actively engage in shaping policy for a more equitable democracy.
  • Interactive Workshops:
    • Facilitated workshops encouraging active participation and dialogue.
    • Q&A sessions to address specific concerns and queries from the audience.
  • Campaign Support:
    • Providing speeches and presentations in support of ongoing voting rights campaigns.
  • Actionable Insights:
    • Our talks provide practical insights and actionable steps, motivating individuals to become active participants in the democratic process.